A powerful movement has launched...
and a 60s movement legend is lending a hand 
Rennie Davis, featured on the Legends series on CBS, Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, MSNBC, CNN, brings you a roadmap for how to change the world today. 
A Contemporary of Martin Luther King Jr. and leader of the largest Peace Protest in American history shares true stories and secrets 
to change the world now 
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A trilogy that begins with the greatest Sixties stories ever told

This first book returns to ‘Our Roots’ with a behind-the-scenes look straight from the eye of the social-change hurricane that swept North America during the turbulent times of the 1960s. Rennie Davis was the coordinator of the largest coalition of anti-war and civil rights organizations during that era. Now in vivid detail, he explains how the Sixties movement ignited and expanded, growing in strength and staying power. A compelling, riveting story, it was written to inspire today’s generation to stand on the shoulders of those who came before and arise again to change the world. Like a snowball tumbling down the mountain to become an avalanche that takes out the concrete wall of fear and divide, today’s movement will not be ignored or stopped.  

This book is today’s must-read gift to yourself and your friends to uplift humanity and change the world.

What You Will Learn from The New Humanity (Vol. 1)
Three Key Highlights:
  • Movements that change the world share a combination of powerful characteristics:  
    - Out of many issues and organizations, one issue (or two) eventually will galvanize millions of people into a movement. During the 1960s movement, civil rights and ending the war in Vietnam were the two focal issues
    - When you look up and notice the horizon, you can see for yourself: harsh events are coming. The consequences o how we live on Earth will bring everyone in today's movement into a campaign for the Earth.
    - Event(s) create the spark that ignite the passion that builds a movement. Igniting the 1960s movement, four black freshmen students courageously decided to sit-in at an all-White Woolworth lunch counter, enduring days of harrassment and even torture that sparked outrage across the country and the massive Sixties movement. The election of Donald J. Trump is the ignition switch for today’s movement that will grow and evolve  
    - Local protests and resistance evolve into national platforms that cannot be ignored. During the 1960s movement, local sit-ins and boycotts grew into national mobilizations that culminated in the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history in Washington, D.C. It can also happen again.  
    - Many diverse organizations can learn to support one broad coalition that can launch mobilizations that no one organization could mount on its own
    - Individual courage in the face of government repression or police brutality spreads like wild fire. Repression does not intimate a movement. It builds its strength into massive numbers that cannot be repressed  
  • Movements are mystical events. Before a movement begins, everyone is at the starting gate unaware they are about to change the world. When they ignite, they become the story of their time:
    - the Renaissance ignited and transform the Middle Ages  
    - the America Revolution paved the way for the world’s leading democracy  
    - the Sixties movement ignited to stand down an entrenched racist culture and end a war in Vietnam  
    - Today’s movement--larger than the Renaissance, the American Revolution and the Sixties movement combined - is the largest in history and has started its engines.  
  • There are three natural components that will make up today’s extraordinary emerging movement:
    - Resist and Reform Movement
    - Political Revolution Movement
    - The New Humanity Movement  
  • The New Humanity component understands a storm is coming and is already creating communities where people can live and thrive without destroying the planet. The New Humanity understands:  
    - Our oceans are dying
    - Our rain forests are in peril
    - Civilization is unsustainable
    - Governments are in gridlock
    - The New Humanity can create a new way of living that changes the Millennium
“Mentoring millennials in successful social movements.”

The New Humanity  trilogy by Rennie Davis 
Legendary Protest Organizer
Peace Coalition and Sixties Movement Leader
One of the Chicago 7 Legends (the Beatles of the Sixties Movement)

A Movement To Change the World

A new generation has set out to change the world but where is the road map to show the way? This book delivers sheer inspiration and guidance for how a movement builds to change the world.   

In the Sixties, millions of people, many in their 20s, left society to change the world. How the puzzle of those turbulent times came together is explained by the Sixties’ most recognized and respected organizer - Rennie Davis - inspiring today’s movement to do it again.

With the election of Donald J. Trump, a new generation is igniting a new global movement to write a new human story:

  •  The highest percentage of first-year students ever recorded are expected to protest during college (UCLA survey of 140,000 students) 
  • 75% of the American public believe corruption is widespread in the US Government (Gallup)
  • Less than 40% of Americans believe the government can solve their problems (Allstate/Atlantic Media Heartland Monitor poll)
  • 60% of the American population support the Women’s March (Gallup) 

Core American values are being vilified and attacked, as equality, justice and environmental values are threatened in the present time. A new generation will not allow a turning back of the clock. Instead, we are rising to the occasion to change the outcome. 

The Sixties movement that blazed the trail has rich lessons and experiences to offer today’s movement. The Women’s March, sanctuary states, Bernie Sander’s movement, the Indivisible movement, Black Lives Matter movement, Standing Rock Water Protectors, the Permaculture movement, Occupy Movement, Democracy Spring, the environmental movement, LGBTQ movement, 350.org, the new-living, spiritual movement and the spontaneous outpouring of demonstrations around the country and throughout the world can change the outcome. It is time to realize we are the real voice for America to a world that is truly stunned. To play our new role with success, the Protest Nation needs to advance its infrastructure, non-violent philosophy, coalition networking, leadership skills, on-line training and social media platform. This trilogy supports and inspires that vital mission.

You support
  •  The national effort to build support services for today’s movement  
  • A Social Media Platform of bloggers, iPod outlets, internet channels and traditional media outlets that can deliver the news and inspiration of organizers, movement leaders and networks
  • New Humanity World Tour that is preparing large entertainment and message rallies to support our diverse causes
  • Sacred Water Projects threatened by oil, chemical, agriculture and other industries unable to understand whole system solutions or the intelligence of nature. (To understand the water crisis, see the movie Last Call at the Oasis.)
  • Water Protectors for the Sioux Tribe resisting a crude oil pipe line under the Missouri river that threatens natural eco-systems and the water source for 18 million people
  • On-line training for organizers and volunteers who join one of the three movement segments
  • Sanctuary states that protect the American dream
  • New Humanity Speaker’s Bureau supporting speakers and troubadours inspiring the movement
“The Sixties movement changed the trajectory of history. We stood together to advance a vision for changing the world. Today, a movement is emerging again larger than the Renaissance, American Revolution and Sixties combined. Today’s movement is the story of our time.” -Rennie Davis, Coordinator of the largest PEACE movement and civil rights coalition in U.S. history 
“The purchase of each book helps fund today’s movement including a new social media platform, national speaking tours, New Humanity World Tour, protest organizations and online training on how to build a movement”
Refusing To Turn Back the Clock 
on Racial and Gender Equality
Peaceful Protest and Resistance Must Change the Outcome

The Women’s March is supported by Black Lives Matter, the Political Revolution, the indivisible movement, Standing Rock Water Protectors, Permaculture movement, Occupy Movement, Democracy Spring, the environmental movement, LGBTQ movement and a vast spiritual movement. Together and united is how we will change the outcome

Washington, D.C. 1970
Washington, D.C. 2017

Rennie Davis, Author of The New Humanity, A Movement to Change the World is the chairman of the Foundation for Humanity advancing a 360 model for a sustainable civilization. He is currently touring college campuses to speak with a new generation about how they can draw on the Sixties to change the world today. He was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in U.S. history. One of the Chicago 7 legends, he is a recognized spokesman for his generation, featured on numerous network television documentaries and media forums, from the Legends series produced by CBS to Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, MSNBC, CNN and other network programs.

Key facts about Rennie Davis:
  • One of the Chicago 7 described by the NY Times as the ‘most significant political trial in American history”
  • Partnered with John Lennon to bring a million people to the Republican convention to end the Vietnam war
  • Coordinator of the 1968 demonstrations in Chicago watched on television by more people than watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon
  • Contemporary of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Leader of the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history
  • Profiled in the Dow Jones Investment Advisor for his leadership in the socially responsible investment industry
  • Co-producer of the New Humanity World Tour 
Praise for "The New Humanity"

“This book vividly brings back a time when my Dad, Jerry Rubin, played a pivotal role. Rennie does a masterful job at telling the compelling tale when they worked together to bring about change. For anyone who wants to have an impact today, this is a must-read account of how the Sixties happened and how it can and must happen again today."

- Adams Rubin

“We grew up hearing these amazing stories. By the time we were in college, we realized our Dad’s stories were important too. All our friends know the world is struggling and change is needed. This book is for people our age who want to make that happen. ”

-Maya and Sky Davis
Daughter and Son of Rennie Davis

“The New Humanity is one serious wakeup call for that massive segment of people that yearns to change the human paradigm. It’s an ignition switch for starting the engines for a new human race.”

- Andrew Hoffman
Son of Abbie Hoffman

“Rennie Davis is a modern day Socrates. In Plato’s Apology, Socrates states: ‘To put it bluntly, I’ve been assigned to this city as if to a large horse which is inclined to be lazy and is in need of some great stinging fly and all day long I’ll never cease to settle here, there, everywhere, rousing and reproving every one of you.’ Rennie Davis continues to be that voice in America. His message is inspiring, optimistic, and accessible to people across a wide belief spectrum.”         

                                                                        - Craig Angus

“Rennie is beyond the ‘New.’ He is ‘The Next.’ His heart’s wisdom is where our planet should be heading."

- Rev. Lawrence Katz

 More Praise for the Rennie Davis Message…

“Rennie has a laser-like vision for how life on Earth can be lived. He offers personal tools as well as new technologies in the areas of energy, waste management, water, etc. to catalyze the New Humanity he teaches.”

- Fred Weil 

“I had been looking for missing puzzle pieces to fill in some gaps in visionary dreams I’ve had for the past thirty years. Rennie didn’t address my mind’s superficial needs but spoke to my deeper underlying issues, relieving subtle tensions I’d lived with for a long time. Rennie has a sophisticated intelligence and was present, kind, patient, and generous throughout.” 

- Penney Peirce, Intuitive and Author of The Intuitive Way

The New Humanity World Tour

The New Humanity World Tour was designed to highlight the most important issues facing humanity and the Earth today. With large-scale celebrations supported by big screen multi-media presentations, state of the art technologies, legendary speakers and youth leaders of today, the international director of Live Aid has joined Rennie Davis to co-produce the New Humanity World Tour. The team organizing this tour was instrumental in staging large, impactful events for positive social causes over the past 30 years. Previous events have included Live Aid, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Now! Previous productions involved the United Nations, major corporations and the governments of the United States, Russia and China.

With a proven ability to produce exhilarating musical orchestrations, the New Humanity World Tour is staging a series of life-changing productions to inspire a new generation to be the change the changes the world.

The Be:Tribe

The Be:Tribe is an emerging network of passionate youth organizers connecting and uniting individuals, communities and organizations for today’s movement. To help network today’s movement, the Be:Tribe focuses on the individuals, organizations and communities aligned with the new living vision--from eco-villages to Permaculture farms, festivals, environmental organizations, energy-medicine practitioners, Black Lives Matter, Water Protectors, spiritual organizations, the women’s movement, Indivisible movement, neighborhood garden networks, farmer’s markets, environmental movement, Earth-aligned technology organizations and activist campaigns promoting justice for all, LGBT rights, GMO labeling, no-fracking zones, wage reform, women’s rights, men’s groups, gun control, carbon control, immigration reform and survival training--to name a few.

The Be:Tribe seeks to dissolve our own drama and trauma with tools and practices that support organizers to collaborate and respect. Rooted in 13 Life Principles, the Be:Tribe supports the mission of solving humanity’s biggest problems.

A part of the New Humanity component, the Be-Tribe passionately approves:
  • No-blame communities to solve our biggest problems
  • Global restoration through a new-living revolution
  • Permaculture and eco-agricultural farming for global agriculture 
  • Technologies aligned with nature
  • Sustainable options for an unsustainable world
  • A new global nation dedicated to being the change that changes the world
  • Showcasing a new human-Earth accord
Back Book Cover

Only a few books have ever had the precision of timing to shape the transition of an historic stage. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was one and this trilogy of books may be another. Common Sense was that incendiary pamphlet published at the beginning of the American revolution. The largest circulation of any book published in American history relative to its market size at the time, it was popular because it spoke plainly to the issue on everyone’s mind—making the case for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of independence was still undecided. It was written in a style people could understand. Tom Paine connected his vision of independence with the beliefs of his time. In the tradition of Common Sense, this trilogy appears at a unique juncture as well. The planet’s climate is rapidly shifting but gridlock governments are unable to adequately respond. The massive loss of biodiversity, the greatest extinction of species since the end of the dinosaurs, and the complex problems of climate change are interconnecting events demanding a change that is sweeping and not modest. This book is a wake-up call for the one segment of humanity that can rise to the occasion and change the outcome. This book returns to the time when changing the world was the mission of an entire generation. It awakens deep memories of who we are, why we are here and what a movement can do when we ignite and come together. 

Perhaps no other person could make the case for creating a global movement today better than Rennie Davis.

New Humanity Speaker’s Bureau 

Bringing inspiring speakers to support you as you build today’s movement, you can make arrangements to bring Rennie Davis and other speakers to your community by emailing Michael Perlmutter at SMP@renniedavis.com

About Rennie Davis

He was the coordinator of the largest coalition of anti-war and civil rights organizations during this country’s most dramatic protest events. He organized the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history. He was one of the Chicago Seven, described by The New York Times as “the most significant political trial in U.S. history.” He partnered with John Lennon to bring a million people to the Republican National Convention and end the Vietnam War. The Vice President of the United States called him “the most dangerous man in America,” while his friends celebrated his winning this Academy Award of protest. When Time Magazine declared the Sixties revolution was over in its 1971 cover story, he called for the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history. Joined by John Kerry and hundreds of Vietnam veterans who returned their medals won in Vietnam back to Congress, a Washington, D.C. football stadium was converted into a temporary prison to lock up a sea of passionate protesters. Historians who studied that demonstration said it shook the White House to its core and was the decisive event causing a U.S. President to realize a U.S. war must end.

This trilogy is a roadmap for the Spirit of humanity to rise to the occasion and change the world. The second Sixties movement has started its engines. As coastal areas go underwater and governments are unable to stop the avalanche of the planet’s eco-system collapse, humanity’s greatest adventure. Generation Arise is a book for those who will make it happen.

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